FDNA, a participant in the IMVC2017 DEEP VISION track on March 28th, has announced the launch of Face2Gene RESEARCH – a pioneering application that enables clinicians globally to make rare and genetic disease discoveries using facial analysis, deeplearning and artificial intelligence.

FDNA Algorithms Team Leader Yair Hanini will be discussing the company’s game-changing technology in his lecture, “How Computer Vision Helps Kids with Genetic Disorders”.


IMVC2017 is giving back to the community! We are dedicating space to four exceptional volunteer organizations to foster the next generation of tech talents:

1. Shiur Acher – encourages students to achieve five point bagrut exam in math.
2. HelpApp – an app that matches volunteers to those in need.
3. GreenBlitz 4590 – an alliance between FIRST Israel and the Lego Group, this robotics team from HaKfar HaYarok also promotes robotics education for under-privileged youth.
4. Yuvalim Youth Village – a boarding school in Kfar Saba for at-risk children that uses mentors to help children reach their potential. 

If you have two hours a week, you can make a change!


SIRC – Samsung Semiconductor Israel R&D Center will award the winner of the IMVC2017 STUDENT COMPETITION with the company’s high tech smartwatch, the Gear S3. The prize will be presented at the keynote session on March 28th by an executive from Samsung Israel.

We have twelve exceptionally talented students competing this year and the winner will be carefully selected by a panel of distinguished judges from academia and industry.


MedyMatch Technology will be collaborating with IBM Watson Health to bring MedyMatch’s A.I.-based clinical decision support application to imaging experts working in hospital emergency rooms.

We are fortunate to have Mr. Gene Saragnese, Chairman & CEO of Medymatch, as a keynote speaker at IMVC2017 discussing the company’s

critical technology and its contribution to improved healthcare. MedyMatch CTO Dr. Koby Cohen will also be participating as IMVC co-founder and co-chair.


Distinguished speakers from NVIDIA, IBM and Haifa University will be headlining the AR, VR & MATCHING track at IMVC2017 on March 28th at the David Intercontinental. Dr. Ron Maron, Director of Business Dev. at the BIRD Foundation – Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial R&D will be chairing the session, which will include:

  • Prof. Ilan Shimshoni, Dept. of Information Systems at Haifa Univ. – “Using Spatial Order to Boost the Elimination of Incorrect Feature Matches”
  • Yochay Tzur, Technical Lead for 3D Vision and Augmented Reality at IBM Haifa Research Lab – “Augmented Reality for the Enterprise: Anchored, Marker-free and Connected”
  • Yaki Tebeka, Distinguished Engineer at NVIDIA – “Multi-Resolution and Lens Matched Shading for VR Rendering”


The 8th Israel Machine Vision Conference (IMVC 2017) to be held on March 28 at the David Intercontinental, will focus on the exciting trends driving the explosive growth of the machine vision industry.

This year’s A-list speakers span the spectrum from seasoned MV tech heavyweights to young disruptive startups from Israel and China. They include:

  • Yaniv Taigman, AI Research, Facebook
  • Gene Saragnese, CEO, MedyMatch
  • William Joy, CEO, Video++
  • Dr. Aya Soffer, Director of Cognitive Analytics & Solutions at IBM Haifa
  • Matteo Shapira, Senior Dir. of Innovation & Technologies for Immersive Video at Intel Sports Group
  • Shai Dekel, Head of AI at Wix
  • Ananth Kandhadai, Senior Dir. of Eng. in the Multimedia R&D Group at Qualcomm


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Vision
  • Autonomous Machines
  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Matching
  • Computer Vision & Deep Learning in Medical Imaging

Join us on March 28th at the David Intercontinental to explore advances in machine vision, build industry connections, discover employment opportunities and spur investment in a rapidly growing field.


Yair Hanani, Algorithms Team Leader at FDNA will explore, “How Computer Vision Helps Kids with Genetic Disorders” at IMVC2017 on March 28 in Tel Aviv. His compelling lecture will be the final talk in the DEEP VISION track featuring experts from Trax Image Recognition and Visualead.

Mr. Hanani will be discussing FDNA’s unique, computer vision-based software platform, “Face2Gene,” which uses an AI engine of suggested syndromes and genes based on the facial images of patients to facilitate the detection of rare diseases. He will present FDNA’s solution, challenges and research aspects of the phenotype analysis.


IMVC2017’s DEEP VISION track will feature experts from Visualead, Trax Image Recognition and FDNA to discuss the innovative applications of deep learning algorithms in computer vision. Gerson Panitch, Partner at top-tier IP law firm Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP will serve as chair of the Deep Vision session. Speakers will include:

  • Gilad Sharir & Eddie Smolyansky, Visualead – “Physical to AR – Spatiotemporal Object Representation using CNN Video Segmentation”
  • Eran Goldman, Trax Image Recognition – “Employing Context for Fine-Grained Object Recognition in Crowded Images”
  • Yair Hanani, FDNA – “How Computer Vision Helps Kids with Genetic Disorders”


Ananth Kandhadai, Senior Director of Engineering for Multimedia R&D at Qualcomm, will address the question, “Is Vision the New Wireless?” at IMVC2017 on March 28 in Tel Aviv.

Mr. Kandhadai has over two decades of experience in the Computer Vision field and is currently leading CV tech development for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoCs.

His presentation will examine the motivations for incorporating vision into diverse products, present case studies that illuminate the current state of vision technology in high-volume products, and explore critical challenges to ubiquitous deployment of visual intelligence.


The “Computer Vision & Deep Learning in Medical Imaging” track promises to be one of the highlights at IMVC 2017 on March 28 in Tel Aviv. We’ll be exploring exciting advances in cancer detection, diagnosis and pediatric care with experts from Medtronic, Zebra Medical Vision and Essence Group:

  • Dr. Dori Peleg, Medtronic – “Big Data-Small Data: Image Classification for Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis”
  • Eldad Elnekave, Zebra Medical Vision – “Malignancy Detection on Mammogram Using False-Color Enhancement via Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization”
  • Nir Regev, Essence Group – “A Simple, Remote, Video Based Breathing Monitoring for Babies”


IMVC 2017 is only ONE MONTH away! Come to the professional exhibition and meet one-on-one with Intel, IBM, Applied Materials, Samsung, General Motors, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Mobileye, Orbotech, Elbit Systems, Medtronic, deepsense.io and many other computer vision heavyweights and emerging players. See you on March 28th at the David Intercontinental in Tel Aviv!


Eldad Elnekave, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Zebra Medical Vision, will be sharing his insights at IMVC 2017’s “Computer Vision & Deep Learning in Medical Imaging” track on March 28th in Tel Aviv.

As a U.S. and Israel Board Certified Radiologist, Dr. Elnekave will be discussing the latest in breast cancer screening in his talk, “Malignancy Detection on Mammogram Using False-Color Enhancement via Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization.”

Using a mammography detection algorithm based on machine learning techniques using both public and proprietary training datasets, Dr. Elnekave and his team have achieved an impressive diagnostic accuracy rate of over 98%.


Speakers from Intel, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Nexar will be headlining the AUTONOMOUS MACHINES track at IMVC 2017 on March 28 in Tel Aviv.
Taking the podium to explore the coming age of intelligent machines and their applications will be:

  • Dr. Ilan Kadar, Director of Deep Learning at Nexar – “Deep Driving into an Accident-Free World”
  • Amit Moran, Head of Intel’s Robotics Innovation team – “Building Perceptive Robots with Intel® Euclid™”
  • Yaalat-Chen Zohar from Rafael – “Hyper-Graph Based Estimation of Velocity and Location of Moving Objects From a Monocular Moving Camera.”


Amit Moran, Robotics Innovation Team Leader at Intel, will be introducing the fascinating Intel® Euclid™ at IMVC 2017 on March 28th in Tel Aviv. The Euclid is an innovative all-in-one perception device with a built-in 3D RealSense camera. Amit will discuss its ability to boost the development of any robotic project and enable robots’ perception, with virtually zero installation.


Yochay Tzur, Technical Lead for 3D Vision and Augmented Reality at IBM Haifa Research Laboratory will be participating in the AR, VR & Matching track at IMVC 2017 on March 28th in Tel Aviv.

His lecture, “Augmented Reality for the Enterprise,” will draw on his work in the Cognitive Vision and Augmented Reality group at IBM Research in Haifa where AR research is focused on technical training, field maintenance, IoT, and other use-cases. Yochay will present the group’s AR platform and review some of the real-world installations in the industrial domain.


Take a sneak peek into the IMVC 2017 program! In addition to keynote addresses from industry heavyweights, you can expect:

  • Artificial Intelligence tutorial with Prof. Shai Dekel, Head of AI at Wix.com
  • Four exciting tracks with experts from Medtronic, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Trax Image Recognition, Nexar, FDNA and more! Tracks include:
    – Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Matching
    – Computer Vision & Deep Learning in Medical Imaging
    – Autonomous Machines
    – Deep Vision

Join us on March 28th at the David Intercontinental to explore advances in machine vision, build industry connections, discover employment opportunities and spur investment in a field growing at breakneck speed.


Dr. Aya Soffer, Director of Big Data and Cognitive Analytics Research at IBM, will be discussing the revolutionary IBM Watson at IMVC 2017 on March 28th in Tel Aviv. Dr. Soffer was instrumental in the development of Watson and brings her first-hand knowledge of its underlying technology and novel applications to the conference.

Her lecture, “Teaching Watson to See,” will focus on Watson’s seeing technologies and will highlight the capabilities in the area of image tagging, medical imaging, security, video analytics, and augmented reality.


Making sense of the massively disruptive AI wave – Shai Dekel, Head of AI at Wix and Visiting Associate Professor at Tel Aviv University, will give perspectives on Artificial Intelligence at IMVC 2017 on March 28th at David Intercontinental in Tel Aviv. Topics to be discussed include:

* The AI roadmap @ WIX: a case study
* The key to success: data curation for AI
* A systematic approach to the design, development and debugging of AI
* Keeping up with the state-of-the-art in AI


“This is only the beginning… Deep learning will change the way people interact with technology as radically as operating systems transformed ordinary people’s access to computers.”

For full article click here

On March 28th, IMVC 2017 will bring to Tel Aviv the thought leaders and industry experts on the front lines of the deeplearning-inspired revolution.


Prof. Yair Weiss, International Researcher in Human Vision, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Neural Computation at
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem will be joining our roster of leading academics to headline IMVC 2017 on March 28th in Tel Aviv.

His address, “Neural Networks, Graphical Models and Image Restoration,” will discuss some of the history of graphical models and neural networks and speculate on the future of both fields with examples from the particular problem of image restoration.


Prof. Sarit Kraus, Dept. Chair of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University will be one of the distinguished speakers to address the 8th Israel Machine Vision Conference (IMVC 2017) on March 28th at the David Intercontinental.

Prof. Kraus’s research is focused on intelligent agents and multi-agent systems that can interact proficiently with people.

She is one of the first researchers to integrate game theory methods in artificial intelligence. Her pioneering work in modeling and predicting human behavior garnered her the Emet prize (פרס אמת) as well as many other prestigious awards.


Dr. Ani Kembhavi, Research Scientist at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2), will be among the industry’s top thought leaders speaking at IMVC 2017 on March 28th at the David Intercontinental.

The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence was established by Paul G. Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft, and boasts some of the world’s best scientific talent in the field.

Dr. Kembhavi deals in computer vision and artificial intelligence and has developed large scale machine learning systems at Microsoft Bing in the Image and Video Relevance team.


IMVC 2017 is just TWO MONTHS away and this year’s program will reflect the exciting tech trends driving the explosive growth of the machine vision industry. This year’s A-list speakers span the spectrum of seasoned MV experts from academia and Silicon Valley (Intel, Facebook) to young disruptive startups from Israel and China.

Also in store at IMVC2017:
* IMVC Professional Exhibition – with exposure to the latest industry products and services
* Student Competition – for emerging new talents
* Posters and Demonstrations – to promote cutting-edge research and inventions in the field

Register now to benefit from IMVC’s unique innovation ecosystem – perfect for spurring business opportunities and novel ideas.


Prof. Michal Irani, Senior Researcher at the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the Weizmann Institute of Science is the latest addition to IMVC2017`s distinguished panel of speakers on March 28th in Tel Aviv.

Michal has been a professor at the Weizmann Institute since 1997 following a three-year stint at the Vision Technologies Laboratory at the Sarnoff Research Center in Princeton, NJ. Her research in computer vision, image processing, and video information analysis has earned her several prestigious awards including, most recently in 2016, the Maria Petrou Prize for outstanding contributions to the fields of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.


William Joy, one of the standout entrepreneurs from China’s vibrant start-up scene, will be joining IMVC 2017’s panel of speakers on March 28th in Tel Aviv.

He is the founder and CEO of Video++, China’s largest in-video tech company and previously founded Venvy, one of the first interactive video services with funding from Harvard Innovation Lab and Harvard Veritas Venture.

Recognized at the age of 21 by Forbes as one of the top “30 Under-30 Entrepreneurs in China,” William went on to receive the prestigious Red Herring Award as one of “Asia’s top 100” companies.


We are excited to have Matteo Shapira, Senior Director of Innovation & Technology in the Immersive Video department at Intel’s newly established Intel Sports Group, address IMVC2017 on March 28th in Tel Aviv.

Matteo is a world leading expert and innovator in the field of image synthesis and computer graphics. During the past 20 years, Matteo has worked on numerous high-end award-winning visual effects, animation, and CGI projects. As co-founder and CTO of Replay Technologies, recently acquired by Intel, Matteo has been pioneering the freeD(tm) (free dimensional video) Volumetric Video technology and format. Matteo has also been teaching at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Israel as a senior member of staff.


IMVC 2017 Call for Posters & Demonstrations
Deadline: January 15, 2017

IMVC 2017 Student Competition
Deadline: January 31, 2017

Are you a researcher or student in the fields of Image Processing, Computer Vision, Video Processing, or Deep Learning?

The 8th Israel Machine Vision Conference (IMVC) 2017 on March 28th in Tel Aviv, is holding a STUDENT COMPETITION as well as a POSTER and DEMONSTRATION session presenting cutting-edge research and new, innovative ideas in MachineVision technologies. Students and researchers will have the opportunity to interact with participants and create a constructive dialogue with top industry professionals.


Gene Saragnese, Chairman & CEO of MedyMatch, a cutting-edge Israeli startup in the field of medical imaging, will be one of the distinguished speakers at IMVC2017 on March 28th in Tel Aviv.
Prior to joining MedyMatch, Gene was CEO of Phillips Imaging and a member of Philips Healthcare Executive Team.

He previously headed CT, molecular imaging and image processing divisions in GE Healthcare, served as GE Healthcare CTO and General Manager of GE’s MRI business. Read more about his current work in Medgadget’s Dec. 2016 interview.


Yaniv Taigman, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Scientist and Tech Lead at Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters, will be discussing “Cross-Domain Deep Image Generation” at IMVC 2017 on March 28th in Tel Aviv.

Yaniv was co-founder and CTO of face.com until it was acquired by Facebook in 2012.

He then moved to Facebook’s Menlo Park office where he helped launch the company’s DeepFace project, which develops efficient methods for face representation, as well as the Facebook AI Research (FAIR) group. In 2016, he established a satellite FAIR team in Tel-Aviv.



Deadline: January 15, 2017

The 8th Israel Machine Vision Conference (IMVC2017) is less than three months away and in addition to presentations by high profile thought leaders in the field of MachineVision, the conference is also interested in hearing from other researchers and developers in academia and industry who have creative and relevant ideas to share.

IMVC 2017 invites prospective authors to submit a description between 1-3 pages, with an emphasis on originality and innovation. Topics include deep learning, pattern registration, medical applications, video search and retrieval and more.


Machine Vision Enthusiasts, IMVC is Back!

Time to mark your calendars for the 8th Israel Machine Vision Conference on March 28th in Tel Aviv. Find out more on offer are the industry’s top local and international speakers, a professional exhibition, and poster presentations from ambitious talents in the field. Read more


SAVE THE DATE! IMVC 2017, March 28, 2017
We are pleased to announce the 8th Israel Machine Vision Conference, to be held March 28th, 2017 at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv. With the machine vision industry growing so rapidly, especially in Israel, staying connected to the latest trends and research has never been more critical.
IMVC2017 will include presentations by leading Israeli and international researchers in image and video processing, computer vision and deep learning. The Conference will also feature a professional exhibition showcasing the latest cutting-edge machine vision technologies and the exciting #InnoVision competition revealing the most promising up-and-coming machine vision startups.
Follow the program on our website and see you in March!

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