The 10th Israel Machine Vision Conference (IMVC) took place on March 18, 2019 at Pavilion 10, EXPO Tel Aviv.
Samah Khawaled spoke at a conference on “On the Interplay of Structure and Texture in Natural Images”.

Natural Stochastic Textures (NST) images exhibit self-similarity and Gaussianity that are the two main properties characteristic of Fractional Brownian Motion (fBm) processes. We consider non-pure NST images that contain also structural information. The latter is characterized by having profound local phase information, whereas the former is characterized by random spatial phase. In this meeting, we address primarily the fractal-based layer of the model and implementing it on the NST component. We also discuss applications where the approach can be used, with special emphasis on medical images. Examples of mammography and bone X-ray images are presented.
* Join work with Prof. Yehoshua Y.Zeevi

Samah Khawaled graduated from Technion’s Viterbi faculty of electrical engineering in 2017. She is currently a graduate student working on her research towards M.Sc degree. Her research is concerned with modeling of Natural Stochastic Textures (NST) that incorporate also structural information and with the application of the model in analysis and classification of images. Samah supervises image-processing-related projects and she is involved as a T.A in various courses.

Previously she worked at Intel and served as a tutor in Landa (equal opportunities) project. Samah is the recipient of the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology Fellowship for 2017-2019.

For Samah Khawaled’s presentation click here

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