When it comes to developing computationally intensive applications, it is critical to have experienced and creative developers to find the most optimal solutions. Success is dependent on correctly assessing the target platform and performance requirements, e.g. how many frames per second are required, what is the computational power available on the target platform, etc.
At SagivTech we have one of the strongest teams for exploiting the capabilities of computing platforms, from the cloud to mobile devices, from CPUs and GPUs to DSPs.
We specialize in analyzing computer vision and machine learning algorithms and optimally implementing them on your target platform. Exploiting our expertise in algorithms development and analysis and a deep knowledge and understanding of computational models and hardware platforms, we can analyze your application and performance requirements and suggest a suitable solution for your needs.
We have experience with cloud-based or server systems that contain single or multiple CPUs or single or multiple GPUs. We also have extensive experience with low power platforms such as tablets and mobile devices, where we optimize for performance and power.
In order to enable efficient data streaming in CPU-GPU systems, SagivTech has developed a unique infrastructure – STInfra – with a diversity of solutions for single and multiple GPU systems.
We are proud of our involvement with Google ATAP’S Project Tango where SagivTech, along with other world-class partners, collaborated in implementing algorithms on the Tango platform.