SagivTech Ltd. is a provider of solutions for image processing, computer vision and Deep Learning algorithms as well as code optimization on various platforms, e.g. CPUs, GPUs and DSPs. Operating as an ISV, SagivTech is a recognized source of cutting-edge expertise in algorithm and software development, and GPU computing.
SagivTech specializes in Core General Purpose GPU solutions for image processing and other high performance applications, Migration of high performance applications to parallel computing platforms and GPU, Image processing and Deep Learning outsourcing projects.
With a team of highly skilled and professional image and signal processing experts and SW developers, SagivTech is known for its innovative technology and smooth, efficient applicability. We are dedicated to providing our customers and partners with top level service and optimal solutions.

For recent blog by our VP R&D, Eri Rubin on "SVM and UVM on SOC" click here

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